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Women Flood Planned Parenthood For Birth Control To Outlast Trump Term - DNA Info 12.2.16

Planned Parenthood reports post-election spike in birth control interest - Chicago Tribune 12.1.16

Planned Parenthood sees spike in appointments after election - Daily Herald 11.21.16

For years, I've been watching anti-elite fury build in Wisconsin. Then came Trump. - 11.16.16

What Might Happen to Abortion Rights if Roe v Wade is Overturned - Associated Press (as appears on 11.15.16

National AIDS Quilt, keynote speaker to highlight week of World AIDS Day - Illinois State University News 11.15.16

Trump win fuels donations, IUD demand at Planned Parenthood - Reuters 11.12.16

Planned Parenthood: More Illinois Women Seek Birth Control Services After Election - WBEZ Chicago 11.11.16

Planned Parenthood Getting More Calls For Birth Control - Fox WRSP/WCCU  11.11.16

Trump's election to U.S. presidency sends shockwaves of near disbelief, with Clinton's stunning defeat - Politically Speaking 11.11.16

Illinois Issues: Culture Wars Go To Court - NPR Illinois 11.10.16

Women consider IUDs as Trump victory looms over reproductive health - Chicago Tribune 11.10.16

How to Choose the Right Birth Control Method for Your Stage of Life - Make It Better 10.17.16

Chicagoans Protest Republican 'Attacks On Women' Outside Trump Tower - Progress Illinois 10.20.16

How Chicago Women Helped Bring Safe Abortion Access To The Midwest DNA Info 10.16.16

Abortion And The 2016 Election - Huffington Post 10.14.16

Opinion: Respect personal space outside Planned Parenthood clinic - Chicago Sun-Times 10.11.16

Letter: Patient rights should trump doctor's religious beliefs - Peoria Journal Star 9.30.16

Why The Hyde Amendment Is Harmful And Has To Go - Refinery 29 9.29.16

40 Years Is Enough: Let’s End The Harmful And Unjust Hyde Amendment - Huffington Post 9.29.16

Illinois Issues: Sixteen And (Not) Pregnant - WSIU Public Radio 8.24.16

Letter to the Editor: Abortion must remain a woman's choice - Springfield State Journal Register 9.11.16

Services for Transgender Patients Expanding, Still Lacking - Peoria Public Radio 8.30.16

Eric Zorn Column: 'Bubble' laws protect patients and protesters alike - Chicago Tribune 8.25.16

Anti-Abortion Groups Sue Chicago Over 'Bubble Zones' Outside Abortion Clinics - 8.24.16

Chicago 'Bubble Zone' Ordinance Challenged - WBEZ Chicago 8.24.16

Objectors sue over ‘bubble zone’ city law - Chicago Daily Law Bulletin 8.23.16

Anti-Abortion Advocates To City: Don't Keep Us Away From Abortion Clinics - 8.23.16

Abortion opponents sue city over ordinance restricting protesters - Chicago Sun-Times 8.23.16

Anti-abortion activists sue over Chicago's 'bubble zone' ordinance - Chicago Tribune 8.23.16

Governor Bruce Rauner signs legislation to repeal “tampon tax” in Illinois - Planned Parenthood of Illinois Press Release 8.19.16

Gov.Bruce Rauner Signs Repeal Of Illinois Tampon Tax - 8.19.16

Illinois becomes third state to eliminate ‘tampon tax’ - 8.19.16

Illinois Is Nixing Its Tampon Tax - 8.20.16

GOP Governor Brings Illinois Into The 21st Century By Nixing Antiquated Tampon Tax - 8.21.16

It's About Bloody Time: Illinois Becomes 3rd State To Flush Tampon Tax - 8.22.16


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