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Chicagoans Protest Republican 'Attacks On Women' Outside Trump Tower Progress Illinois 10.20.16

How Chicago Women Helped Bring Safe Abortion Access To The Midwest DNA Info 10.16.16

Abortion And The 2016 Election - Huffington Post 10.14.16

Opinion: Respect personal space outside Planned Parenthood clinic - Chicago Sun Times 10.11.16

Letter: Patient rights should trump doctor's religious beliefs - Peoria Journal Star 9.30.16​

Why The Hyde Amendment Is Harmful And Has To Go - Refinery 29 9.29.16

40 Years Is Enough: Let’s End The Harmful And Unjust Hyde Amendment​ - Huffington Post 9.29.16

Illinois Issues: Sixteen And (Not) Pregnant - WSIU Public Radio 8.24.16

Letter to the Editor: Abortion must remain a woman's choice - Springfield State Journal Register 9.11.16

Services for Transgender Patients Expanding, Still Lacking - Peoria Public Radio 8.30.16

Eric Zorn Column: 'Bubble' laws protect patients and protesters alike - Chicago Tribune 8.25.16

Anti-Abortion Groups Sue Chicago Over 'Bubble Zones' Outside Abortion Clinics - 8.24.16

Chicago 'Bubble Zone' Ordinance Challenged - WBEZ Chicago 8.24.16

Objectors sue over ‘bubble zone’ city law - Chicago Daily Law Bulletin 8.23.16

Anti-Abortion Advocates To City: Don't Keep Us Away From Abortion Clinics - 8.23.16

Abortion opponents sue city over ordinance restricting protesters - Chicago Sun Times 8.23.16

Anti-abortion activists sue over Chicago's 'bubble zone' ordinance - Chicago Tribune 8.23.16

Governor Bruce Rauner signs legislation repeal “tampon tax” in Illinois - Planned Parenthood of Illinois Press Release 8.19.16

Gov.Bruce Rauner Signs Repeal Of Illinois Tampon Tax - 8.19.16

Illinois becomes third state to eliminate ‘tampon tax’ - 8.19.16

Illinois Is Nixing Its Tampon Tax - 8.20.16

GOP Governor Brings Illinois Into The 21st Century By Nixing Antiquated Tampon Tax - 8.21.16

It's About Bloody Time: Illinois Becomes 3rd State To Flush Tampon Tax - 8.22.16


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