Protecting Patient Rights

Did you know that your health care provider can refuse to provide you with needed health care if they have a moral objection? Did you know that, as part of their refusal, they don’t have to give you any information about your treatment options or where you can go to get help? In fact, your health care provider doesn’t even have to tell you they are morally objecting. They can just say, “I can’t help you with this.”

That’s right, Illinois law gives health care providers the right to refuse care without recognizing any rights for patients. 

When a health care professional refuses to provide a service because of religious or moral beliefs, that provider still has an ethical obligation to ensure that the patient receive medically accurate and complete information about her health condition and information on where she can receive needed care.

Planned Parenthood of Illinois is working to fix this, that's why we're advocating for legislation that will balance the right of the provider to refuse with the right of the patient to important health information.
Patients have a right to medically accurate information and quality medical care based on the latest medical research. Political agendas or religious beliefs should never get in the way of needed medical care. It's time to let lawmakers know they need to protect the rights of patients.

You can help by contacting your Representative today!

SB 1564 Creates Clarity that Protects the Patient and the Health Care Provider under the Health Care Right of Conscience Act
  • The Health Care Right of Conscience Act (HCRCA) allows doctors, hospitals and other health care providers to refuse to give a patient care and even information that conflicts with the provider’s religious beliefs.
SB 1564 Protects Patients and Providers
  • Under SB 1564, a patient is assured that, regardless of the doctor, health system or hospital’s religious beliefs or affiliation, he or she will get the information needed to make an informed medical decision and to access the needed care. 
  • Under SB 1564, health care providers who object to providing certain care and information for religious reasons can do so according to clear procedures that protect them and their patients.
SB 1564 Changes the Law to Strike the Right Balance
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