Protecting Access to Care in Illinois


SB 78 – State Funding Ban for Abortion Providers
Senator Kyle McCarter

SB 78 bans state funding for any entity that provides abortions or maintains a facility where abortions are performed.

•    SB 78 will cut health care providers out of a wide range of state programs such as Medicaid, Title X family planning services, All Kids, WIC, the Illinois Breast and Cervical Cancer Program, Teen Pregnancy Prevention grants, and more.

•    SB 78 will block from all state programs (including Medicaid), any physician or medical practice that provides abortion care, treat patients who are miscarrying, or treats patients with ectopic pregnancies. 

•    SB 78 applies to any current or future state program.

•    SB 78 applies to the sixteen Planned Parenthood of Illinois health centers that provide preventive health care to more than 60,000 Illinois women, men and young people each year. 

•    SB 78 will jeopardize access to critical health services such as gynecological exams, cancer screenings, comprehensive birth control services, emergency contraception, STI testing and treatment, HIV testing and counseling, and pregnancy testing and options counseling.

Over the past eighteen months, we have seen a slew of politically motivated attacks against Planned Parenthood. While the extremists behind the assaults claim to target Planned Parenthood, the impact is on the lives of ordinary people. SB 78 will cut off funding, not only to Planned Parenthood, but to a broad range of providers of critical health care to thousands of Illinoisans. These attacks have serious consequences — and will endanger the health care that the people of Illinois rely on.

People across Illinois need more access to health care, not less.



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