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Click here for the 2014 Illinois General Election results.


PPIA congratulates the PPIA-endorsed candidates who won races in this year's election. PPIA fought hard in this campaign to protect the policies that help Illinois women lead healthy lives and succeed economically and we will always fight for women to get the health care they need. 

We’re so proud to have stood with all of our endorsed candidates all the way to Election Day — THANK YOU for voting and standing up for women’s health and rights!


The election results nationwide are mixed. By all objective measures, this election should have been a blowout, but women’s health was one of the issues that kept these races close.

In some of the most competitive races, candidates who were historically hostile on women's health won by significantly moderating their views and disavowing their own records. They won as moderates, and the American people expect them to govern as moderates.
There’s a national consensus in favor of women’s health and rights, which is why virtually no major candidates in swing races ran on platforms to restrict women’s health. 

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