Are you ready to Stand Up For Choice? We depend on our dedicated activists and volunteers to promote and protect reproductive rights and freedom in Illinois. We hope you’ll join us in hitting the streets, phones and mailboxes of pro-choice supporters to ensure that choice is protected in our state.

Join the Planned Parenthood Action Team and take part in community outreach, education, and mobilization for choice and access-related advocacy campaigns. Meet other reproductive rights supporters and learn more about community organizing! 

To learn more about this program, please click here. Fill out our quick Planned Parenthood Action Team Assessment Form to tell us more about yourself and how you’d like to get involved!

Organize on Campus

Through Advocates for Choice, college students across the state organize events on campus to raise public awareness about reproductive health and rights, educate young people about sexual health, work with and support Planned Parenthood of Illinois advocacy activities and health centers, and mobilize student activists to support reproductive rights.

There's power in the voices of pro-choice students on campus. Planned Parenthood of Illinois helps student leaders organize those voices in Advocates for Choice groups and works with them to take action for reproductive health and rights. Advocates for Choicegroups also serves as

  • a forum to discuss ideas
  • an opportunity to learn more about reproductive and sexual health
  • a great way to meet new people and learn about community organizing

To find – or start – Advocates for Choice at your school, send an email to volunteer@ppil.org or click here to check out the listings.

  • Stay informed with updates from the Planned Parenthood Action Fund!

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